Notes from the Eastern Sierras: Colors of Dawn

In the depths of the bone-chilling night we arrived below the Milky Way in time to catch of the trail of a single shooting star.

Within what felt to be mere moments, the sun announced its arrival, casting a deep blue hue on the straight horizon line, a sky once glittering with stars became encompassed by the velvety blue, and the mountains– surrounding us in all directions– turned a slow eggplant.

Into the silvery water we dipped, steam rolling off the pools in billowing clouds like an impeccably placed smoke machine behind the Hollywood screen.

The mountain tops, blanketed by powdery porcelain snow, turned a rosy pink, like the color of flushed cheeks.

As the sun began to peak over the horizon, casting its bright light on our bodies, half submerged in steaming spring water, I said a prayer of gratitude– for this moment, for the company of these beautiful souls, for the breath of life that allows us the chance to paint our own masterpiece as the story of our lives.



Sunrise, 1st of October, 2014.

Eastern Sierra Nevadas, California.

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