Ana Gak

Native New Yorker, Global Gypsy.

A true aesthete, inspired by art and nature, I have spent years canvassing the globe for firsthand experiences of the vastness of beauty available to us in this world.

Internationally raised, with roots in the Balkans and a true NYC conditioning, I consider myself a global citizen. At the age of 10 my first trip to a third world country– India– opened my eyes to what lies beyond the comforts of modern day western world. Just a taste, and I was hooked. Thailand, China, Israel, Egypt, Sri Lanka followed, with thanks to my fearless adventurer of a mother who believes the best education is derived from a wide-open world view.

I continue to fill my thirst for foreign culture through my travels and experiences abroad, always welcoming adventure when it comes knocking. It is my intention to share my perspectives through this blog and give my readers a first hand account of the world as I see it.